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quarta-feira, 4 de maio de 2011

Blasted Mechanism

     More than a band or a collective of artists, Blasted Mechanism, are a group of thinkers who came together to develop a concept that breaks the barriers of the stage and enters into our daily reality. During this evolutionary process inspired music and lyrics are combined with visual arts and technological concepts to create an unforgettable performance, recognized by audiences and media around the world. Since 1996 Blasted Mechanism have toured around the globe and have played in some of the biggest festivals in the world such as Glastonbury, Sziget festival Rock for People. They have shared the stage with such acts The Chemical Brothers, Rage Against the Machine, Pearl Jam, Linkin Park and Marylin Manson amongst others. The group won a Golden Globe, was nominated for three MTV EMA awards and achieved first place in the top national sales with a Gold Record. The Music of Blasted is a fusion of ancient sound with new technologies and by developing their own instruments this helps create their unique sound. In 2009 an Airbus took 230 fans to the volcano of Sete Cidades Azores, joining more than 10,000 fans to attend the live presentation of the album Mind at Large. The collective is based in Portugal living as a self sustained community commited to the preservation of Planet Earth. They support both the permaculture movement and "Transition Towns". In 2011 Blasted Mechanism launches "Blast U" a satellite project that will debut with a vinyl disk under the band's label Toolateman. Joining are the likes of Stereo Addiction, Dj Ride, Nsekt and Paranormal Attack, to release these remixes of tracks from Blasted's album "Mind at Large". Blast U promises some great vibes in the tents and stages it passes this year. 2011 will also see a new album with the concept and image being developed by the group's creative collective. Once more we can expect great innovation, very strong songs, and above all the thing that most characterizes the group: Incredible imagination!

     Blasted Mechanism are born in 1995, by the idea of ​Valdjiu and Kharkov, as a different band in the portuguese musical spectrum, Self-defined as an artistic project of music played by beings from another world. They stand out from the music scene for his flamboyant and strong image for a music characterized by the fusion of world music, incorporating traditional elements from various countries, such as in music "We" from the album "Sound in Light", where you can listen Portuguese guitar played by Antonio Chainho with electronic rock music. They are also known for inventing and building some of the instruments they use as the Kalachakra and Bambuleco, which will get some inspiration from oriental culture.

Current Members

Guitshu: Voice
Valdjiu: Bambuleco, Kalachakra, Banjo-bandola, onozone
Ary: Bass
Syncron (Fred Stone): Drums
Winga: Percussion, Didgeridoo
Zymon: Electric Guitar, Electric Sitar, Keyboard

Former Members

Miguel Cardona: Guitar
Migas: Drums
Luigi Lust: clarinet, saxophone and keys
Salvatori Tiliba: Didgeridoo
Castora: Percussion
Karkov: Voice


Studio Albums

Balayashi (1998)
Plasma (1999)
Mix 00 (2000)
Namaste (2003)
Avatara (2005)
Sound in Light (2007)
Mind At Large (2009)


SingleMix 00 (2000)
SingleMix 01 (2001)
Promotional Single Namaste (2003)
Promotional Single Blasted Empire (2005)
Promotional Single Tribos Unidas (2007)
Single new Vocalist Presentation Ghitsu "Destiny? Play and see" (2008)
Start To Move (2009)
Grab a Song (2009)


Blasted Mechanism Demo (1994)
Blasted Mechanism EP (1996)

   Blasted Mechanism launched a new project that reduces the band to three elements and  stripping them of their masks. In the new musical adventure, the Portuguese band retrieves the topics posted on the latest album, 'Mind At Large' through remixes.

Presented by the group as "the first satellite" of Blasted Mechanism, Blast.U, with Ary, Wing and Valdjiu, representing, respectively, the sides electro, tribal and rock of their music.

"We are really excited to get to know our identity on stage, since the satellite Blast.U are a project where we do not use scenic props. The remixes were left with a power so great that I think we'll do the dance floors will lift of."wrote Valdjiu in a statement.

Blast.U will be released in physical format at the end of  March 2011, through a vinyl edited by Rastilho Records, and will have its first live performance on April 16 2011 at the Coliseum Micaelense in Ponta Delgada (Azores).

The new draft remixes preceding the release of next album of originals of Blasted Mechanism, scheduled for next year.

Blast.U - Make a Change

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