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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Cave Canem - The House of Souls

   This band goes back to late 1993, practicing a mixture of dark wave and goth rock, will appear in Coimbra, choosing the term Cave Canem, the Latin phrase meaning "beware of dog"! Formed by Bruno Simoes (vocals), Nuno Pinheiro (guitar), Pedro Pinto (bass) and Jose Barreto (drums), will later include another element, Sergio, on keyboards. Keeping in semi-obscurity, only in late 1994 began to work on the development and subsequent recording of a first registration. However, and also during the course of this year, Bruno Simões form another band, more "punk", the Tu Metes Nojo. It is therefore right in January 1995 by publisher Enochian Calls, edit your first and only job, "The House Of Souls." Containing five songs, this record presents a deeply romantic sounding, sometimes sacred, gloomy but with myriads of tiny lights that deconstruct partially oppression that inculcates and encourages the pain. Thanks to this record, they can give their first concerts. However, the fates will be times when you can perform live, not only due to personal reasons such as, principally due to be few places that hire bands related to this dark side of existence. Besides a few - very few - concerts, 1996 sees the inclusion of his tracks on several compilations: "Portugal Rebelde II" (edited by Titanic and including "Love Never Dies"), "Going Genius I" and especially "Crime no Paraíso "(also by Enochian Calls and containing, in addition, Noctivagus, Annwn and Those Barren Leaves ), where they participate in the unprecedented" Platão ", along with the theme" Best Friends ", both in live acoustic versions. Reoccur in 1997 with the theme "Platão", in the same live version [though he had acted on "Sombras Na Caverna (Platão)"], in the collection "Primeiro Grito", edited by B. Coimbra This participation will be his swan song, the band has finished by then. Indeed, this was not, itself, a novelty, since internal differences, what line to follow, were already shaping the sound, bringing it closer to the more pop (while new songs had lyrics in Portuguese - even those differences, the subjects were all sung in English), causing the final results: dissatisfaction among members of the band. In parallel, and already in 1996, Bruno graduated with Nuno Ávila (the Enochian Calls), a new project in the area of ​​Dark Folk, the Rosenkranz. So This was the end of project activities. Of its elements, Jose Barreto will play in Overbliss and Bruno Simões Sean Riley & The Slow Riders. [Writter:Paulo Martins] [Translation:TorviC]

Cave Canem
The House of Souls
Darkwave Gothic Rock


01. Dreams
02. Best Firends
03. Blood Brothers
01. Rachel
02. Love Never Dies

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