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terça-feira, 3 de maio de 2011

Comme Restus - Pharmáçia Ananás

Comme Restus
Pharmáçia Ananás
Comedy Hardcore Metal

  Comme Restus is a Portuguese band of thrash metal, hard rock, punk rock, and everything else that ends in rock. Its formation as a band dates from 1986, but recorded just one album, called Pharmacia Ananaz, launched in February 2004. That same year made ​a tour in Portugal to promote the album and reportedly split up soon after that tour.
Their music can be defined as heavy music but their lyrics could not make less sense, creating a very funny atmosphere.
Dress in order to satirize some well-known figures such as Slipknot, Darth Vader, Power Rangers, and such.


 1. Eu Xamome António
 2. Quéque Fôi
 3. As Bóias São Noços Amigos
 4. Vamos Prá Banheira
 5. Palhasso Do Caralho
 6. Brutalizame Cuatua Mánica De Pudar
 7. Ammandame Côa Paxaxa Pus Dentes
 8. Morte Aos Ciquelistas
 9. O Limdo Sorrizo Do Meu Cão
10. Ristórante De Merda
11. Fui Há Cãimbria Municipali E Ao Resisto Das Finansas
12. Belzebú (Confições Dum Gaijo Possuído )
13. Keisse Xórisse
14. Punheta De Mamas
15. O Avó
16. Pixa Tripla
17. Esta Faixa Num Tem Noume! E Num Perguntes
18. Extrudes

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